Support with integrated lid for securing sections of corrugated conduits between the various parts of the electrical installation.  With conduit entry guide. Specially indicated for demanding securing situations, e.g. ceilings.

"T" and "Y" Distributors are specially indicated to join three conduits of same nomial diameter when small bending radiuses have to be avoided. In accordance with standard EN 60204 (Safety of Machinery). They are notable for their high tensile strength and tightness. 

O-Rings are to be placed on the first groove at the end of Ana-Quick conduits in order to obtain a degree of protection up to IP68/IP69 between the conduit and the connector. Sealing Washers allow the entry of cables into housings (boxes, cabinets, etc.) with a degree of protection up to IP68/IP69 between the housing and the connectors base.

Nylon and nickle-plated hexagonal lock nuts for securing connectors in thin or not threaded walls of boxes and cabinets. 

Fitting Part Number Scheme